Canal in Blue
Part of 'Trip To Italy' series by Geena Matuson, 2011.

The trip to Italy for my course at MassArt proved great for photography, though I'm not sure it was great for much else. I was very sad throughout the trip and, though I was one of four in a little group of friends to take advantage of the nightlife and exploration, I felt empty. It was very strange, but I felt very heavy in Venice; as though I had once died there. Yeah, it was pretty intense.

I usually love rainy overcast days, what most would consider 'bad weather,' and this trip had an excess of it - the most rain they'd had in 15 years, we heard. But, I don't think it was the rain that dampened my spirits. In fact, I felt a bit on the yellow side the whole time I was there. Well, yellow and 'blue,' if we're being metaphorical.

Part of 'Trip To Italy' series by Geena Matuson, 2011.

The Cross
Part of 'Trip To Italy' series by Geena Matuson, 2011.

That first night in Venice, we all walked to a grocery store to buy snacks for the hotel that night. Our female teacher kept raving about 'this amazing snack they only have in Italy.' We were all excited to try them, ourselves, only to discover they were potato sticks. I guess some people live like 60 years and don't realize we have those in America? Okay.

So, we bought our own snacks and dispersed, walking back to the hotel in little groups as people would catch up to one another and walk together. I wasn't paying attention at all, truthfully, and walked at my usual quick pace. I just let my feet do the leading, and we slowly accumulated a group of 10 or so followers - and I led them back to the hotel. The hotel we had just arrived at an hour earlier.

I always had such a bad sense of direction, but once I was in Venice, I just let my mind drift while my feet led the way, and I always walked where we wanted to go. I returned home with an incredible sense of direction and a strange feeling I'd picked-up something I'd lost long ago...

- Geena