I've uploaded a web version of my multimedia piece 'Made In Yugoslavia,' part of my 'Liar Liar' series.

"Liar Liar (Pants On Fire) is a series that can resonate differently with every viewer. The fire can symbolize rebirth, regeneration - or perhaps a darkness, an absence of control. For the artist, this series focuses on the movement of fire to play with time and to express the ephemeral nature of many things.

"However, as video is a time-based medium, these singular moments are able to exist forever in the present. Through the use of video, the fire moves both forward and back, allowing the smoke to billow inwards at times. As so poignantly put with her description of Made In Yugoslavia - 'everything repeats - reverts - nothing truly changes.'"

You can watch the short embedded below, or directly on Vimeo:

This short shows plastic flowers burning, the plastic melting off the wax stems - all atop a broken chair made in Yugoslavia. The fire appears to burn in reverse, expressing the idea that everything repeats, reverts - nothing truly changes.

I created the music for this non-looping version of 'Made In Yugoslavia,' a remix of Bach's Air on G-String, a violin solo. The original, looping version of this piece was created for gallery display.

- Geena