Not to be confused with 'Amor Sangre,' the vampire film I'm both producing and directing this March, I was cast as character 'Valentine the vampire' in Mike Messier's film 'Disregard The Vampire,' also filming this March, 2014!

Disregard the Vampire is largely a character study of a vampire, his protégé, and their two latest victims – and their own introspection. Throw the four together in an old mansion awaiting a dinner party provided by the mysterious host, and sensual – haunting – activities ensue. Recording artist and poet Scorpio plays Cryptorr – a tortured, troubled vampire with a creative past in this retro-inspired, dark film...

I'll keep you updated with more photos, and maybe even a behind-the-scenes look at the film - we start production in just 3 weeks!

On top of being an actor in this project - a first for me, when it comes to non-experimental work - I've also been asked to help with social media and marketing, and have even provided two of my poems to the script!

Check out and 'like' the Facebook page - which I setup and moderate - for more!

- Geena