Great news - literally! My interview about 'I Am Monroe?' with Hometown Weekly News staff Josh Perry is out on newsstands! I grabbed several copies of the paper for friends involved in the project, and even scanned a copy of the article so you, too, can see the press.

Check out the article 'Medfield Resident Working On Production Of New Movie' as a PDF file, here! You can also read the article directly online, here.

The paper stretches across several towns part of Norfolk County, MA, and this article highlights the Jocelyn Padilla film 'I Am Monroe?', the IndieGogo Campaign, and my work!

'"The visual quality of the film is just so great that anyone would want to get involved,' said Matuson of the footage from the first half of shooting." - Josh Perry, Hometown Weekly.

And it's true, too, as these great, color photos printed in the paper display the film's visual quality, thanks to D.P. Ben Heald from the first half of the film.

And, with even more great news, Jocelyn Padilla's interview with Mark Snyder on 'Wicked Local' just went live, with newspapers out this week!

You can find out more about the IndieGogo Campaign - with just 6 days left - on the IndieGogo Campaign page, here! Share, become part of the film, and check the Facebook fan page and Twitter account for more updates about 'I Am Monroe?'!

- Geena