Every time I think about the idea of 'changing the banners,' I think of the end-of-year "decoration change" at Hogwarts, when Gryffindor wins the house cup, haha. And look at that - those are my old colors, red and yellow!

Over the last few months I've really been working on the branding for my website so my 'online presence' will display cohesive content - and hopefully become recognizable! While I'm still uploading my new work, I've figured out a great way to display my professional freelance work as separate, but related, to my personal artwork. Now, you can see my updated artist CV and resume online!

I've streamlined my social media sites with the same color scheme and information, have written more about the design work I do - and now, I'm changing my branding!

Geena Matuson's personal branding, late 2015.

Previously, I was using this icon and banner across my website and social sites, but I'm now using these colorful images that are more along the lines of my art.

Geena Matuson's personal branding, 2013 through mid-2015.

Not only am I moving away from the previous yellow-and-red images because they're becoming outdated, but, as an artist, I want to show my work through the first images you see - social media icons. The photos I'd been using are photos of me - not my work, photographed by a different artist altogether!

I was set on using my new 'geometric' image as my new display icon, and quickly moved through a few iterations before landing on the final choice. If you're one of the lucky few who follow me on my social media sites, you probably glimpsed these quick changes:

Geena Matuson's artwork in art deco style, 2015.

Geena Matuson's artwork with name beneath image, 2015.

Geena Matuson's artwork with name across chest, 2015.

I was looking for something more design-oriented, rather than straight photography. These new branding images still reflect me, but now they reflect my work on the whole, and show what I'm all about - color, new media and experimental processes, with a hint of surrealism!

Geena Matuson's new branding on Facebook, 2015.

Geena Matuson's new branding online, 2015.

Geena Matuson's new branding on YouTube, 2015.

These photos were taken as part of a multidisciplinary collaboration between painter Pete Rogers and myself, an ongoing series that will be showcased online and in gallery shows in the future. I've been experimenting with all different styles of artwork as I continue working on this collaboration, as you can see from the images. I've even been using watercolors again!

Geena Matuson's new artwork 'Pasteligious Polytrait,' 2015.

Check out my new branding carried across all of my social media sites! And, if you'd like to see more of my web and graphic design work, check out my 'freelance' page and clients list!

These new images, along with my new collaborations, have not only inspired new work, but have reinvigorated me with 2D art. I can't wait to create more!

- Geena