I just received word that my thesis film 'My Big Bad Wolf' (2013) is an Official Selection chosen to screen at the Finow International Film & Script Festival in Germany in just a few weeks! I entered this festival nearly a year ago, submitting my thesis film to the 'best student screenplay' category. After all, I did make the film back in school!

The primary objective of the Finow Film & Script Festival is to provide a platform for talented independent filmmakers and writers from around the world who are trying to increase their distribution and production opportunities, to discover new names, to make connection between them and World.

And, what better way to share my work with the world than have it screen in Germany - again! What can I say, the Germans love me, haha...

You can see more from 'My Big Bad Wolf' online, and can add the event to your online calendar, too! You can even join the Facebook event page if you feel like supporting the film, and the festival!

- Geena