Jamezie, Your Rainbow Doesn't Reach That Far

The Boston LGTBQIA Artist Alliance (BLAA) presents 'Post-Gay?', a group exhibition at Distillery Gallery in South Boston. The show will run from March 18th through April 16th, with a reception, artist talks, and live performance!

David Hannon, Get Me Outta Here

This show considers the consequences of assimilation and progress. Where does growing mainstream acceptance leave more marginalized queer identities, and how do the myriad of LGBTQIA identities conceptualize themselves in the face of shifting cultural opinion? Who gets represented?

"The twenty artists in this show are in contestation and dialogue with the idea of received representations, and are doing and undoing their own ideas of self and desire. Post-Gay? emphasizes the inventiveness of the LGBTQIA community as thinkers and artists who have the capacity to reshape society with new propositions. There are daring and confident assertions by the artists to paint new realities and lives, to re-imagine gender and sexuality in playful, thoughtful ways."

Giancarlo Corbacho and Ariele Max, Morlocks (series)

Join me, and the BLAA, for the show's reception on Friday, March 18th from 7-9pm @ Distillery Gallery in South Boston! Follow-up with great performance and artist talks on the afternoon of Saturday, April 9th.

In the meantime, I'll be creating and sharing artist bios on the BLAA website and social media sites! Learn more about our artists, and the art behind the show...

Jamieson Edson, Face The Mirror

Featuring: Robert Chamberlin, Daniel Corral, Dave J Bermingham, DEAD ART STAR, Giancarlo Corbacho, Jamieson Edson, Jeremy Endo, Gordon Feng, David Hannon, I.B.E., Jamezie, Liss LaFleur, Christopher Lineberry, Kirk Lorenzo, Dino Rowan, Hogan Seidel, Randi Shandroski, Warith Taha, Sarah Washburn, Zoe Perry-Wood.

Hogan Seidel, Everette

Thanks to awesome guest jurors Pat Falco, David Guerra and Jeannie Simms for making this a great show! You can read the official press release on the BLAA website, and join the Facebook event page so we know you're coming!

- Geena