Geena Matuson as Valentine the Vampire with Anna Rizzo as Ginger in a promotional image for Mike Messier's 'Disregard The Vampire,' 2014. Photography by Chris Hunter, Post-Production by Geena Matuson.

It's official - the promotional poster for Mike Messier's 'Disregard The Vampire' has been selected to feature at the UnderGround FilmFest in Ancona, Italy!

In 2014, Filmmaker and Acting Coach Mike Messier cast me as character 'Valentine the Vampire' in his strange and retro vampire film 'Disregard The Vampire.' The film has since turned into a documentary, aptly titled 'Disregard The Vampire: A Mike Messier Documentary.'

Promoting the idea of the documentary, Mike has been sharing clips and promotional photos with festivals the world over - and now, Italy.

Follow the film's journey on Facebook, and check out the official 'Disregard The Vampire' webpage for more, including a most riveting synopsis... ;)

- Geena