Left to right: Actors Catalina Snape, Alessandra Grima, Acei Martin and Maya Simone with Audio Djim Reynolds on the set of Geena Matuson's production of 'Fauxmercials' beach ads, September 2016.

Last Saturday I trooped down to North Kingstown Beach in North Kingstown, RI, to film some epic 'fauxmercials' of my own creation. Armed with a fastidious crew and beautifully talented cast, we filmed some 'beach ads.'

Over the last two years I'd written a few short scripts that spoof real brands through comedic advertisements, and also wrote a few faux-movie trailers that play on the titles of real films. After my friend, Filmmaker and Acting Coach Mike Messier, helped me get location permits, I hired an amazing cast and crew to fulfill my comedic visions.

Actor Maya Simone models for Writer, Producer/Director Geena Matuson and Director of Photography Denez McAdoo on the set of Matuson's production 'Fauxmercials' beach ads, September 2016.

You truly know you're a filmmaker when you're staring at the camera's monitor instead of a bikini-clad model on the beach!

Though the weather was in the 50s and the wind was outrageous, you'd never know it from the footage; the actors were incredible at truly acting 'warm,' and their patience was remarkable. I'm so appreciative to have had such a professional and talented cast, and the results clearly speak for themselves.

Iโ€™ve had a chance to go through the behind-the-scenes photos captured by our Production Assistant Paige Frankovich. Take a look behind the scenes of 'Beach Ads' for my project 'Fauxmercials.'

Actors Alessandra Grima, Maya Simone and Kevin O. Peterson on the set of Geena Matuson's production of 'Fauxmercials' beach ads, September 2016.

Actors Kevin O. Peterson, Reggie Joseph and Sean Brown on the set of Geena Matuson's production 'Fauxmercials' beach ads, September 2016.

Actor and Comedian Alessandra Grima with script co-star, Actor Catalina Snape, truly impressed with hilarious facial expressions and attitude, alongside Actor Acei Martin and Actor, Dancer and Singer Maya Simone featured in our second script. The guys were absolutely perfect (in more ways than one ;) thanks to the talents of Kevin O. Peterson, Sean Brown, and film newcomer Reggie Joseph. I'm pretty impressed with Reggie; this was his first film shoot and he opted for a September beach shoot in a speedo! Respect.

The script titles were pretty off-putting for a lot of the models who decided to bail on the shoot (as in, without notice), forcing the production to be pushed until September 24th this year. Thankfully I re-assembled an even more impressive cast with an incredible sense of humor - and confidence.

It's this confidence that allows someone to transcend reservations and doubts and see through to the final product. Plus, the promise of an awesome time on a set meeting new people and networking is always a bonus! I couldn't have asked for a more amazing cast, and I'm glad things worked out the way they did.

Our Grip/Gaffer Dan Perez de la Garza and Assistant Grip Andrew Frechette were incredible. It's amazing to see how dreary the beach looks save the area showered with light from reflectors and bounce boards. The footage is unreal (as in, utterly amazing) thanks to our Director of Photography, Denez McAdoo, and thanks to Assistant Director Adrian Atwood for his part, too. I can't even process the gratitude towards our Audio Djim Reynolds who totally cut down the wind with his equipment!

The sun also played its part, shining when we needed it and hiding behind clouds when we didn't.

We also shot a little teaser for a new demo reel, and the screenshots are priceless!

An amazing day through and through, and I'm in love with the results! I can't wait to start editing...

- Geena

Director of Photography Denez McAdoo sets up the shot, with Assistant Director Adrian Atwood and Actors Acei Martin, Catalina Snape, Alessandra Grima and Maya Simone on the set of Geena Matuson's production of 'Fauxmercials' beach ads, September 2016.