Girl Talk: Flirting

'Girl Talk: Flirting' is a character and dialogue-driven comedy based around the idea of "flirting," and my clear inability to do so. This piece was initially created as a sort of PSA so others were aware of my downfall: flirting. Oftentimes when I'm being sincere, people think I'm flirting - and when others flirt with me, I can't understand it. I also like pretending I'm a boy, so this was a convenient vehicle for sharing the love. Despite its low production value, this has turned this into one of my most popular videos.

Writer, Director + Cinematographer: Geena Matuson
Featuring: Geena Matuson, Ryan Paulk, Billy Stanton, Matt Brimicombe, Matt Wagner
Post-Production: Geena Matuson
Music: Lemon Jelly - 'Nervous Tension'

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Shows + Awards

2011 / Vice President Award, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA
2011 / Film/Video All School Show, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA