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On Writing

I have a fundamental need to write, and this is in part due to the fact that I have always been a listener – and, no one listens to me. I can ask someone a million questions, but they will ask nothing in return. I can tell a million truths, but I am still called a liar.

Or, at least, that’s how it’s been most of my life.

And then, I found my voice, and people started giving me at least a little respect, a little bit of their time, and interest. And so, if you ever feel like listening, you can read what I have to say, here.


“I have been drawing since I was 2-years-old, and writing since I learned how to spell. When in fourth grade we were given assigned spelling words, I was able to pick my own out of the dictionary because I already knew the assigned list! I was that kid who played games with the dictionary - I just love words.

“Like most kids, my parents had an idea of what I’d do in college - and what I’d do thereafter with my life. Unlike most kids, my parents and I were in agreement about this - I’d go to art school, and be a famous artist! In 2009 I was enrolled in art school and ready to go - but then, after taking a look at my permanent records in which all of my teachers commented on ‘how much Geena loves to write’ - I realized, I should probably be writing.

"That’s how I fell into the film/video program at school, focusing largely on scriptwriting and producing the scripts I’d written. Prior to college, I’d written multiple scripts, and a 300-page book. I continued to work on this book throughout college, and my writing has since greatly improved.

"Now graduated, I’m focusing on writing books. I’d say that my major goal in life is to be a published author, sharing my stories and ideas with the world. Whether you like my stories, agree or disagree with my ideas, makes no difference - I want to get a dialogue going. All too often I find ‘communicating’ is a one-way street.

"In all areas of my work, I place a strong focus on dreams and surreality. I play with words, perception and psychology. I want viewers to question the reality presented to them, perhaps even confusing and angering them in the process. I try to allow viewers to gather their own meaning and inform the work for themselves.”

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